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Anatomical Models

Anatomical Models

Realization of models with joints, nerves and blood vessels in evidence

For the supply of anatomical models, MDO Didactics is the reference point for all dental professionals. This type of model is useful for both students learning in schools and dental practice, to allow the patient to understand better and correctly the mouth anatomy and any operations the dentist should perform to restore the functioning of the chewing apparatus. 

They are extremely realistic and detailed three-dimensional supports, in which the anatomy of joints, bones and teeth is respected. In this type of model there are transparent parts to highlight a detail rather than another, as for example nerves, blood vessels, roots, depending on the focus in question. 

Demonstration models of dentures, dental pathology, implants

The handcrafted anatomical models proposed by MDO Didactics are realistic and cured in every detail. They can also be developed ah hoc, according to the customer’s specific request. For example, it’s possible to create models with transparent details to highlight some anatomical details, or demonstration models for many different cases such as fixed dentures, dental pathologies, implants, and much more. All realizations can be life-size or enlarged models. 

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