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Dental Teaching Solutions

Dental Teaching Solutions

3D media to facilitate dentist-patient communication

MDO Didactics is a leader in creating dental models. The company, with its multi-annual experience in the development of three-dimensional representations for dental and dental technology, has since its inception started to propose a series of solutions to facilitate and optimize communication between dentist and patient. 

By using three-dimensional models representing the oral cavity and dental arches, it is easier to explain the most varied dental procedures, from prosthetic reconstructions to the application of orthodontic appliances. Your doctor may also explain how to perform proper oral hygiene. The Lombard company proposes not only standard machining, but also tailor made products tailored to customer’s design and demand. This way you can get an ad hoc kit for your needs.

Customized estimates for the implementation of three-dimensional dental models

Addressing MDO Didactics for dental models means being confident of getting a professional product, tailored to the specific requirements and with the utmost care in replicating each detail. Models are available for both adults and children. To highlight the pathology of interest, the media are transparent and are subdivided for each phase of the cure operation. 

The doctor can thus physically show the patient how the treatment is processed in detail, a method much more effective than the simple theoretical explanation that can often be difficult and unobtrusive for those who are not in the industry.

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