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Dental pathologies

Dental pathologies

Precise 3D representations of dental diseases and related treatments

Among MDO Didactics models there are some representing dental deseases. In the artisan workshop we develop three-dimensional projects concerning the main problems affecting teeth, gums and the oral cavity in general. They are useful both for teaching, as an aid to student’s lessons, and to facilitate dentist-patient communication, to illustrate the types of diseases and the resolution techniques. 

The proposed models are transparent; while the part to highlight is colored. In this way the user can easily understand the pathology development and the type of treatment needed in case of caries, abscess, gingivitis, various types of tooth nerve inflammation and more. The attention paid to the replication of the anatomical parts has led the Lombard company to become a real point of reference for the realization of this kind of 3D representations throughout Italy. 

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