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Enlarged models

Enlarged models

Enlarged representations of teeth, prostheses, gums

MDO Didactics deals with the realization of enlarged models, useful for dentistry. For years, this artisanal business in Milan has dealt with the creation of supports to facilitate dentist-patient communication, so that the patient can clearly understand the interventions to be performed and, more generally, the mouth anatomical constitution. It may happen, however, that the user may be impressed by the models, especially if they are realistic in detail and size. 

To overcome this problem, the company proposes various enlarged three-dimensional supports to downplay their effect. The enlarged sections, useful for teaching, may include dental prostheses and orthodontic appliances, progressive stages of caries, tartar, inflammation and other pathologies, or simply represent the normal anatomy of the oral cavity and dental arches, or just of a single tooth.

Dental models up to 10 times the natural size

A leader in the production of enlarged models for dental education, MDO Didactics provides detailed and customized estimates according to the customer requests. The anatomical models of mouth, teeth, gums, roots, prostheses, braces, even divided into sections and / or phases, can be enlarged up to 2, 5, 7, 8, 10 times respect to their natural size and they are realized with the utmost attention to detail, both in terms of shape and color. In this way didactics is simplified and professional, avoiding to impress the patient.

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