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3D models

3D models

Detailed models for teeth representation

MDO Didactics is the crafts-work company in the province of Milan which, for over a decade has dealt with the realization of 3D models. Its office is located in Cormano. The characteristics that have made it a real point of reference throughout Lombardy and national areas are professionalism, quality and models uniqueness. It is possible to request customized models of every oral cavity detail so as to have a product in line with your needs and expectations.

MDO Didactics’ main clients are schools and universities of dentistry, but also dental surgeries that want to improve patient-doctor communication using three-dimensional representations as support to explain oral anatomy, teeth and gums pathologies and the treatments to solve the problems. 

Theme gadgets for Dental practices

Besides the 3D models, the company deals with another type of product: dental gadgets. That’s to say pictures or platforms, representing enlarged versions in an artistic perspective of the mouth, teeth and everything concerning dental field. They are ideal for a professional studio, waiting room or reception.

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