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Operational models

Operational models

Dental prototyping for didactic use

MDO Didactics proposes prototypes and operational models for odontoiatric didactics. The company, which has been developing tridimensional dental representations for over a decade, has its offices in Cormano, Via Antonio Gramsci n.36. Speed and precision are the characteristics of its business. It is able to offer also personalized representations for dentists’ offices, prosthodontic clinics, schools, universities and specialized courses.

For this last sector in particular, the firm realizes extremely detailed and realistic moldings that can be used to optimize practical learning during the courses for dentists. Models are studied so that they can be inserted into a mannequin, in order to make students better learn tooth preparation. In this way, during lessons, students can practice directly on these supports. 

3D Models representing the anatomy of the mouth and teeth

Today MDO Didactics, the first firm in Italy devoted to the research and production of didactics models, is a workshop where attention to details is put into the foreground. It is important that details are as realistic as possible, especially in those models studied for schools, in order to give a perfect representation of the anatomical structure of the mouth and dental arches.

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