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3D models of orthodontic appliances and their case histories

Among the models produced by the company, there are three-dimensional representations of orthodontics case studies. At MDO Didactics we develop 3D models showing various problems related to crooked teeth, overlapping or malocclusion, with specific treatments to solve them. For example, it is possible to create model divided into sections, or a kit with the various intervention stages, before and after treatment.

Among the cases represented divided into classes, there are, for example, retracted jaws and crooked teeth, but you can request the exact replication of any dental defect. This type of support is useful for professionals operating in the orthodontics field to show their patients the type of disease and possible resolving techniques: fixed and mobile appliances, bite, invisalign and much more.

Plastic Representations for pediatric dentistry

Besides models addressed to orthodontics, MDO Didactics produces also models for early childhood. They represent teeth of children from 5 to 10 years old, with all the growth steps and the onset of permanent teeth over baby theeth, which disappear. This type of support is useful for the pedodontics (or pediatric dentist) professional who wants to show the child parents the problem and how it can be solved by illustrating the best techniques in all its phases.

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