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Tridimensional models for dentists

MDO Didactics by Marco Dell’Olio is a company producing dental models. Besides creating supports for odontoiatric didactics, it proposes an innovative method of communication between the doctor and the patient. Actually, by using tridimensional models, it becomes easier to explain to patients complex techniques such as the prosthetic reconstruction and also to illustrate to them a correct oral hygiene. The wide range of products, together with the possibility to create perfectly bespoke models, permit each client to have a completely personalized kit, shaped according to his needs. 

The firm has over a decade of experience in designing and realizing innovative models in support of odontoiatric didactics. Created in order to develop a new method of communication between the patient and the dentist, it is unique in its kind because it offers completely personalized solutions. MDO Didactics’ clients are mainly dental clinics, prosthodontic offices and schools/universities.

MDO Didactics, a leader in the production of dental models , realizes in particular didactic supports for anatomy, pathology, implantology, hygienics, dental surgery, orthodontics, infancy and prosthesis. Is also proposes an assortment of gadgets for dentists’ offices, such as 3D pictures representing enlarged and artistic versions of dental aspects. In some models transparency is used to emphasize diseases (such as caries, abscesses and various inflammations), often showing the kind of cure or the treatment. 

These representations can also show some structural elements of the mouth, for example nerves or blood vessels. In this way it is possible to highlight the anatomical aspect of articulations, bones and teeth in a tridimensional version, which is especially useful for students. Always for didactic purposes, particularly to make dentists learn tooth preparation, MDO Didactics realizes models to be inserted into mannequins. Likewise the dentist can use models (different for adults and children) to explain to the patient his disease and all the stages of the cure.

Operational models


Dental pathologies

Dental implants

Enlarged models

Anatomical models



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